Meet Crystal Govan McCorkle, Principal Event Planner  

An eye for details. A love of entertaining. A passion for planning.


Born and raised in a small town as a southern girl in Harrisburg NC, I've always had a niche for noticing details and have a great passion for making things "sizzle." Because of my unique ability to manage details succinctly while adding my own "pop of contrast," I knew early on I had a great passion for planning and organization.

I realized it was time to make my dream a reality and thus began a career in event planning. This has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've made. It's a great feeling to know your purpose and I know that I'm walking in my destiny which is to help clients have awe-inspiring and unforgettable events.  

Confessions of a Wedding Planner

Photo by Casey Hendrickson Photography

Photo by Casey Hendrickson Photography

  • My family and friends are the loves of my life. Nine years strong in the marriage journey to my complete opposite yet strangely compatible husband Marlin, mommy to my heartbeats and pocket snatchers- Jesse and Maya, youngest sister of five siblings, and best friend to a squad of lifetime girlfriends.

  • My power chick survival kit includes my faith in God, my iPhone, and a HOT pair of shoes.  

  • My favorite sound is laughter.  

  • I constantly seek out "the different." From my viewpoint stripes and polka dots are a match made in heaven.

  • I cry at almost every wedding (tears of joy). 

  • If I hear a song by New Edition or Whitney Houston's- "I Wanna Dance With Somebody,"  I will immediately break out into a dance.

  • I am a huge Carolina Panthers fan!  If I could get in the middle of the field with Cam, Luuuuukkkkkeeeee, TD, and Greg- I promise you I would.  By the way if you were wondering, YES- I think Cam's dress style is impeccable- I am so here for it!

  • I love shopping, dancing, finding new restaurants, upside down pineapple martinis, the color pink and reality TV (all the real housewives series-lol).

  • I can eat french fries and bacon with everything! 

  • Each morning I wake up realizing it's a new day to get it right.  A new day to be more thankful than I was yesterday and a new day to make my dreams move forward.

  • I take pride in every event I undertake, and the priceless smile of an ecstatic client lets me know they believe in the value of a professional event planner. I LOVE MY JOB!


Want to know more?  We will just have to go grab dessert and chat away….