Dancing in the Rain

No amount of rain, thunder, or lighting was going to stop this fairytale wedding from happening just the way it was planned.  Chris and Morgan were married this past May at a unique farm tucked away in Statesville NC called Green Gables Farms.  Upon entrance to this beautifully manicured farm, you immediately feel the southern hospitality as you are greeted by ravishing farmland filled with every breed of horse and farm animal you could imagine.

The details of this wedding were magnificently scripted by the bride and no stone was left unturned.  From the grooms brother who is an active military soldier surprising him moments before the wedding (total tear jerker) to the choreographed father and daughter dance by Morgan and her dad, this day was a dream come true.  We thank Chris and Morgan for allowing us to be a part of their special day and wish nothing but the best for them along their journey as husband and wife.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures capturing their day.  Thanks to Indigo Photography of Charlotte for the amazing photos.



It's Time to Buy "The Ring"

So it's engagement season and you think it's the right time to make one of the biggest purchases known to mankind.  It's time to buy, "THE DIAMOND."  Not just any diamond, but, "THE ONE."

Image by Amore Vita Photography   

Image by Amore Vita Photography


You'd like to think that when it comes to your future fiance, you totally understand their personal style. But if you're even the slightest bit hesitant about what type of ring to buy, you'll naturally want to ask for shopping assistance—a smart move..... depending on the person you ask. Here are our suggestions here at Fabulously Created Events.

First start with trusting:


So often, men don't realize how well they know their significant other already.  When falling in love, it's typically the small stuff that has captivated your heart therefore giving you a keen sense into what she likes and dislikes.  Trust you!  When you see it, you will know it and you will be excited you've picked something that she will cherish for a lifetime.

However,  there is absolutely no reason why you can't have some guidance along the way.  The below people might be good resources when shopping.

Her Sister

If your girlfriend is close to her sister, she will typically know her taste.  A sister is also more likely to keep the news to herself.  She also will be able to discreetly dig for clues from your girlfriend if you desire.

Your Best Married Buddy

He has done this before so he will be able to guide you and give you the support you want and need.  While he may not know her style or ring desires, having a close "friend" by your side to support you in this important decision isn't a bad idea.  P.S.  Pick the buddy that actually likes his wife and not the one that will be over your ear in the jewelry store saying "dude.... this is crazy.... don't do it....believe me......"
Pick the friend that values marriage; the one you actually look up to and admire his relationship with his wife.

Her Mom

This can be tricky!  Mom does know best BUT if you choose to take mom ring shopping with you, be prepared to pop the question soon; we mean real soon.  Mom's are emotionally attached to their children by nature and you don't want the risk of them slipping and ruining the proposal.  However, like the sister- mom will have great insight into what her daughter will like and will not mind telling you her opinion at all.

Another great resource:

Social Media

If your girlfriend is like 80% of women, she has been planning the big day in that head of hers, FOREVER!  No, she is not crazy, women just naturally fall in love with "love." If you don't want to ask anyone around you for guidance, she just might have a Pinterest board with all kind of wedding ideas laying around.  Somewhere embedded between purses, shoes, and crock pot recipes are diamonds.  CHA-CHING- you just hit the lottery!  Think of it as her way of telling you but not telling you....

Lastly, it's perfectly fine to ask:

Your Significant Other

Okay, so the ring may not be a surprise, but you can still make the proposal one. If you know your partner wants to have input into picking out rings, give her the pleasure of doing so. Plus, it totally eliminates the stress if you're worried over potentially getting the wrong ring style.  However, when going ring shopping with your mate DO NOT hold your heart like Fred Sanford and declare a heart attack is coming your way at the price of rings.  You never want to make her feel like she isn't worth every dime.  Remember, you are looking to get an idea.  When you go back to make your final decision and purchase, that's the time to discuss pricing with the sales attendant, scream bloody murder, and then negotiate where appropriate.

We hope these few tips help you during this engagement season or whenever you choose to pop the question.  If you get stuck with decision making or have questions, reach out to us at Fabulously Created Events.  www.fabcreatedevents.com.  We would love to help you out!  Until next time, stay fabulous!

A Love That Will Forever Grow

When Eryn Reid and her mother stepped in my office, I was in the presence of two women who invoked kindness and a very humble spirit.  While every client that comes to me doesn't always have a vision of their special day in mind (and that's okay), Eryn was the complete opposite.   She knew exactly what she wanted and her ideas were extremely far from traditional.  Even my eyes stretched as she explained some of her ideas and thoughts.  However, these are the clients that I LOVE.  The ones that aren't afraid to try something different and are confident in their decisions.  I always say, make sure your wedding day parallels to your personality.  

Eryn and Gerard are both local actors in Charlotte, NC.  One moment with them and you will realize their love and appreciation for the arts.   I also noticed the love and respect they had for one another.  I especially picked up on how gentle Gerard was with Eryn.  As I watched him take her hand during their "first look" and instantly began to pray for their marriage, I knew Eryn had found her Boaz.

Eryn and Gerard chose to unite at the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, NC.  Upon walking through the venue, it was evident that their ceremony should take place on the beautifully landscaped front lawn and guest should migrate their way into the museum filed with art and culture.  To get to know Eryn and Gerard, you will instantly realize that "being different" is just their normal lifestyle which portrayed clearly throughout their wedding day.  

The bride loves the art of Henna, hence the henna tattoo you will notice on her arms in the photos.  Why just start the prelude of your wedding with music, when you can have an african dancer perform for your guest and involve them with the beat of hand clapping and drumming.  How blessed is it to have not one, but two dads walk you down the aisle and give you away.  Unity candle or sand ceremony; not at this wedding.  Eryn and Gerard choose to have a Unity Tree.  Their parents gave it a little water at the beginning of the ceremony and then the beautiful couple poured the remaining water as a symbol of how their love will continue to grow for a lifetime.  The ceremony ended with a serenade from the groom to his bride with a self written song to her.  The reception highlighted several unique features such as the father of the groom singing to the couple for their first dance.  Guest partaking in various food stations of unique foods; one being a local food truck on site which was one of the couples favorite food vendors.  The guest book was not the traditional lined signiture book or photo book, rather the couple had guest sign and write messages in the Dr. Seuss book, The Places We Will Go.

Words can't express how excited I was about how this wedding was executed.  I wish nothing but the best for this spectacular couple and am confident their love with grow for eternity,  


Hazelton Wedding-Wedding Images-0135.jpg

Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who made this wedding day successful.

Wedding Coordination: Fabulously Created Events, Crystal Govan McCorkle

Photography: Coopernicus Photography, Jonathan Cooper

Venue: The Mint Museum of Arts, Charlotte NC

Groomsman Florals: April Floral Expressions, April Barnette

Makeup Artist: Katrina Pope

Hair  Stylist: Revolution Ego

Pastry Chef: Charlotte Cake Man

Videography: Rachel Bogan

Caterer: Roots Farm Food

Disc Jockey: Anthony "Smitty" Smith

Officiate: Colin Pinkney

Formal Wear: Bride: Poffie Girls, Groom: Joseph A Banks

African Dancer, Javon Spirman

Solist: Ruby Edwards, Marcus Dilley, and Greg Hardy