Meet Crystal Govan McCorkle, Principal Event Planner  

An eye for details. A love of entertaining. A passion for planning.


Born and raised in a small town as a southern girl in Harrisburg NC, I've always had a niche for noticing details and have a great passion for making things "sizzle." Because of my unique ability to manage details succinctly while adding my own "pop of contrast," I knew early on I had a great passion for planning and organization.

In 2012, I realized it was time to make my dream a reality and thus began a career in event planning. This has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've made. It's a great feeling to know your purpose and I know that I'm walking in my destiny which is to help clients have awe-inspiring and unforgettable events.  Here is more about me:

Photo by Casey Hendrickson Photography

Photo by Casey Hendrickson Photography

  • My family and friends are the loves of my life.

  • My power chick survival kit includes my faith in God, my iPhone, and a HOT pair of shoes.

  • My favorite sound is laughter.  

  • I constantly seek out "the different."

  • I cry at almost every wedding (tears of joy). 

  • From my viewpoint stripes and polka dots are a match made in heaven.

  • If I hear a song by New Edition, I will immediately break out into a dance.

  • I am a huge Carolina Panthers fan!  If I could get in the middle of the field with Cam, Luke, Thomas and Greg- I promise you I would.  #keeppounding

  • I love shopping, dancing, the color pink and reality TV.

  • I eat french fries with everything!

  • Each morning I wake up realizing it's a new day to get it right.  A new day to be more thankful than I was yesterday and a new day to make my dreams move forward.

  • I take pride in every event I undertake, and the priceless smile of an ecstatic client lets me know they believe in the value of a planner. I LOVE MY JOB!


Want to know more?  We will just have to go grab dessert and chat away….